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Requiring Tenant Insurance

In a recent appellate decision, 1 Jedak Corp., v. Seabreeze Office Associates, LLC, a landlord lost an appeal where the landlord sued the tenant for breach of contract for failing to maintain insurance. Apparently, damage occurred on the premises, and the landlord’s insurer covered the damages; but the landlord did not have to pay any monies out […]

How to Create Proper Security Deposit Procedures

Landlords must properly and timely handle security deposits in Florida. Otherwise, the landlord could lose any security deposit the tenant deposits for the faithful performance of the lease and potentially be sued by the tenant for improper or untimely claims. To be successful in this area of rental business, the landlord must create proper and […]

Client Endorsement of PMLS

A client of Property Management Law Solutions (PMLS) expresses his gratitude and appreciation for the legal services PMLS provided him in a bad situation involving tenants who were causing him problems. As Mr. Kelly shares, PMLS was able to diffuse the situation and remove the tenants from the property within a week. If you are […]

The ABCs of Fair Housing Law

An area of law with which property managers (and many attorneys) have difficulty is Fair Housing law, particularly with regard to service animals. Admittedly, dealing with these issues can be confusing for a variety of reasons. Property managers need basic knowledge of the issues and law to safely stay within the law’s confines and prevent needless litigation. […]