PMLS is the go-to resource for all-things residential property management.

Eviction Services

PMLS specializes in helping Florida property owners and rental managers by handling the complexities of the eviction processes quickly and efficiently. We provide reliable eviction services with direct access to an experienced attorney for consultations, notice preparation, and eviction processes throughout Florida.

Unlawful Detainer Services

Many times real estate investors buy a house that has a “squatter” living in it and need to remove the occupant from the premises. PMLS can handle this situation for you and file the proper action to remove the squatter from the premises.

Landlord-Tenant Consultation

Protect your time and money with an experienced landlord-tenant law professional from Property Management Law Solutions. Our attorneys are legal specialists with years of experience in residential landlord-tenant law and evictions.

Landlord Forms, Notices, Agreements

PMLS has been helping property management companies since 2007 with their property management business, including preparing and providing its clients with a library of needed forms, such as notices, agreements, templates, and more.

Property Management Services

If you are a multi-family property owner and need a property management that specializes in managing multi-family assets, click the above link for more information.