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When Rental Occupants Commit a Crime

A fairly common situation occurs in the world of landlord-tenant law. That is, when an occupant, guest or invitee–not the tenant–commits a crime or dangerous activity in or near the rental property. Inevitably, the landlord questions whether he has a remedy or grounds to terminate the lease and evict if necessary. The answer to the question […]

Client Endorsement of PMLS

A client of Property Management Law Solutions (PMLS) expresses his gratitude and appreciation for the legal services PMLS provided him in a bad situation involving tenants who were causing him problems. As Mr. Kelly shares, PMLS was able to diffuse the situation and remove the tenants from the property within a week. If you are […]


This author addresses two points in this article. First, a recent Florida case acknowledges that landlords have a legal interest in security deposits held under a property management agreement and that misuse of the deposit is actionable by the landlord against the broker. Second, the implications of this decision support this author’s opinion that real […]

Resolving Tenant Damage at Lease Renewal

Managing many properties is challenging and demanding, and as such, requires proper procedures to reduce the risks and results of tenant abuse or misuse of the property. One notable area of risk management is preventing or mitigating a tenant’s damaging the property, and more particularly, to get the tenant to pay for damages to the […]

Avoid Liability for Hazardous Conditions

Owning rental property carries duties, and failure to comply with those duties can result in liability, potentially making the venture more costly than it’s worth. These risks increase when the landlord does not manage the property properly. One such duty is that the landlord remedy hazardous conditions and prevent them from causing harm to person […]

City Ordinances, Water Utilities and Property Management

In Jass Props., LLC v. City of N. Lauderdale, 101 So.3d 400 (Fla. App., 2012), the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal decided an issue involving Florida Statute (FS) 180.135(1)(a) that seemingly contradicted a city ordinance requiring that property owners, not the tenants, open an account for city water and sewer services, even though the services directly benefit […]