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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Tim was super knowledgeable, efficient, and got the job done just as he promised. He was always available, and I highly recommend him to anyone dealing with real estate and tenant issues.

Vicken on Avvo

CEO, Rental Portfolio Management

Tim is an extremely knowledgeable and proficient Landlord Tenant attorney who is very responsive to our company and myself as the property manager. His expertise is an invaluable resource in navigating complicated situations and bringing them to a resolution.

Patsy on Avvo

Manager of Rental Property Division

Tim is a very knowledgeable, accessible and reliable attorney. He keeps you well informed and stays on top of the situation. I highly recommend him if you need representation.

Kathy on Avvo


Attorney Tim Baldwin did a great job preparing and executing our eviction case. He easily was able to introduce case law that was relevant to our case. I would definitely highly recommend Attorney Tim Baldwin and his team. Thank you Tim!

Joe on Avvo


Excellent communication and timely action. Saved me time and expense. Expertise and diligence are among his great qualities. If you have an eviction problem, this is the guy.

Johnny on Avvo


Tim is a great attorney, as well as professional from start to end. A man of his word and never waited to respond to every question or concern. Use him and your life will be easy no matter how difficult your problem might be.

Tom on Avvo


Working with Tim allowed this eviction (our first court proceeding) to be stress free. We can’t recommend Tim enough. Thank you again. Everything you did for us was just as you told us.

Shari on Avvo


Timothy assisted me with issues regarding landlord tenant law. I look forward to referring clients with landlord tenant issue to Timothy.

Raymond on Avvo


I highly recommend Tim for any work needs to be done dealing with evictions and tenants.

Kamal on Avvo

Real estate investor

Tim was great! He helped me with the steps I needed to take to get my renters out of my home for nonpayment. He was very responsive to all emails and questions. I would use Tim again in the future and would highly recommend his services.

Angie on Avvo


Mr. Baldwin cares about his clients. I especially appreciate that counsel is very prompt to return messages. He saved me from making a three day notice mistake and with his help we were able to resolve the non-payment issue with the tenant. I highly recommend Tim Baldwin services

Daniel on Avvo


Tim and his team made my eviction process extremely smooth and effortless. They kept me informed of every step and ensured a timely and professional exit for my tenant. Highly recommended!

Rick on Avvo


Tim does a fanatic job in educating you and provides a solid solution to your request. He is very comforting and delivers satisfying results. I choose him for all my Real estate and property management needs. I highly recommend him to anyone in the real estate & management business.

Andreas on Avvo

Property Manager

Attorney Tim Baldwin Explains Requirements of an Eviction

Eviction Services

PMLS specializes in helping Florida property owners and property managers by handling the intricacies of eviction law and process quickly and efficiently. We provide reliable eviction services with direct access to an experienced attorney for consultations, notice preparation, and eviction processes throughout Florida.

Landlord-Tenant Consultation

Protect your time and money with an experienced landlord-tenant law professional from Property Management Law Solutions. Our attorneys are legal specialists with years of experience in residential landlord-tenant law and evictions.

Property Management Legal Services

Property Management Law Solutions specializes in property management law and operations. Ensuring your property management company is operating legally and properly is critical not only to good property management and liability reduction but also to maximizing revenue. Take advantage of our ongoing legal services plan.

Property Management Services

If you are an owner of multifamily assets, you need a reliable and experienced property and asset management team to protect your asset and ensure financial success. Attorney Tim Baldwin is the President and broker of aDoor Property Management (aDPM). aDPM can help you in many ways regarding your multi-family asset.

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