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Damages in Landlord-Tenant Cases

A major part of a property manager’s duty is to properly preserve and collect evidence regarding the property’s condition and any damages caused during a tenancy and to make a proper claim on the security deposit for those damages. This practice is vitally important because Florida Statute (FS) 83.49 requires the landlord to make correct […]

Priority of Tenant Payments

Three Day Notices to Pay or Vacate are legal notices that Florida Statute (FS), section 83.56(3) requires landlords to delver to tenants who have failed to pay rent before they can file an eviction action. That statute states, If the tenant fails to pay rent when due and the default continues for 3 days, excluding […]

A Case Study In Pretext Racial Discrimination

In Osborn v. Kellogg, 547 N.W.2d 504 (Neb. 1996), a rental applicant (“applicant”) filed a complaint with the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission (NEOC) alleging that the landlord rejected her application because her live-in boyfriend was black. NEOC found that the (legitimate) reasons offered by landlords for refusing the applicant’s rental application were, in fact, a pretext […]

Untimely Tenant Answer to Eviction Now Permissible

In 2008, the Florida Supreme Court issued a decision that affect the way eviction cases are handled in county court, which of course affects your business.  In Pro-Art Dental Lab, Inc v. V-Stategic Group, LLC, 986 So. 2d 1244, 1245, 2008 Fla. LEXIS 1236, *1, 33 Fla. L. Weekly S 503 (Fla. 2008), the Florida Supreme […]