Property Managers

PMLS Legal Plans

Gold Legal Plan


  • Legal advice regarding residential Landlord-Tenant issues
  • Legal updates
  • Preparation of documents, contracts, and forms, including but not limited to, lease agreements, lease renewals, lease addenda, property management agreement, dispute-resolution agreement with tenant during tenancy, lease enforcement notices, tenancy termination agreements(“documents”)
  • License granted to Client to use legal documents
  • Legal Advice and Response regarding security deposit objections and disputes
  • Plaintiff County Court residential Non-Contested Evictions


  • County Court or Small Claims defense of tenant’s complaint for return of security deposit 
  • Contested Evictions 
  • Prosecution of injunctions against Tenant pursuant to FS 83.681
  • Attorney signature on each lease and renewals (low flat fee per attorney signature)
Gold legal plan fee schedule
Units Managed: Monthly Fee
1-49: $500
50 - 99: $550
100-149: $600
150-199: $650
200-249: $750
250-299: $850
300 -349: $950
350-399: $1,050
400 or more: contact PMLS for quote
Silver Legal Plan
  • License granted to Client to use legal documents.
  • Legal advice on lease preparation particular to Client’s business
  • Legal advice on Landlord-Tenant issues
  • Preparation of attorney letters or demands to tenant for lease compliance
  • Legal services outside of the monthly plan billed at hourly rate 
Silver Legal Plan fee schedule
Units Managed: Monthly Fee
1 - 99: $300
100 - 199: $350
200 - 299: $400
300 - 399: $450
400 - 499: $550
500 or more: contact PMLS for quote
Eviction Service Plan
  • Prepare and File eviction in any Florida County Court 
  • Terms and Conditions apply and fees are subject to change. 
  • The following fee lists only apply to qualified property management and apartment management companies. 
Eviction service plan
Type: Fee
Non-Payment of Rent: $225 Flat Fee (Non-Contested)
Other Lease Violation: $450 Flat Fee (Non-Contested)
If eviction becomes contested, PMLS charges by the hour.
Response to Security Deposit Objection
  • Prepare written legal response to tenant objection to security deposit claim.
  • $100 per response (if Client meets qualifications for this low flat fee) (qualifications based on volume of letters each month and Client’s exclusive use of PMLS service)
  • Unqualified clients pay by the hour

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