Legal Plan

Our Legal Plan works for you

Why choose PMLS to be on YOUR Team?

  • Using our legal service plan is like having in-house counsel, with similar benefits, but at a fraction of the cost.

  • Our legal plan is designed to meet your daily needs and benefit your company on an ongoing basis.

  • We have been helping property managers since 2007 and have the experience, knowledge and desire to help you.

  • Even more, we can show you how to not only cover this cost, but also increase your bottom line by simply using our legal service plan.

  • You will have a close, friendly relationship with your attorney, who knows what it means to improve your business and increase your profits.

  • You won’t have to wait to get answers to your questions. You get timely answers you can be confident are right.

For $375/month*, you get:

  • Legal advice and consultation on landlord-tenant issues under FS ch.83, pt. 2 and Fair Housing Act issues

  • Legal updates

  • Customized attorney-prepared legal documents, including, lease agreements, amendments, and addenda; property management agreement; dispute-resolution agreements with tenants during tenancy; lease enforcement notices (e.g. notice to cure, 3 day notice to pay, etc.), tenancy termination agreement and more.

  • Advice on handling security deposit claims and disputes

  • Assistance in responding to tenant complaints or disputes during the tenancy

  • Reduced fee for evictions**

  • Reduced fee for attorney-lease-execution service

*limited time offer; subject to revocation without notice; terms and conditions apply; see contract for details. 

**County Court residential evictions; costs not included; for an increased monthly fee, eviction services can be included.

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