Evictions are inevitable in the property management business. All of them should be handled by an experienced landlord-tenant attorney, but some property managers do not see the benefit in this, or they simply do not want to pay an attorney to handle the matter. In Florida, property managers have very limited authority in this regard. The ONLY action property managers can take on behalf of the property owner is to file an eviction complaint in Justice Court for non-payment of rent only. Property managers cannot draft a lawsuit, handle any contested matter or issue, file any motions or proposed orders, appear at hearings on behalf of the property owner, or seek an order for back rent. If they do, they are illegally practicing law and doing a great disservice to the property owner.

PMLS provides services that include both non-contested and contested evictions. PMLS attorneys handle all aspects of the eviction process and get involved from the beginning of the lease violation, including consulting with the property managers about the lease violation, preparing the notice and handling the entire eviction. PMLS service not only protects the property manager from making a big mistake by illegally practicing law or mishandling an eviction, but also reduces the risks involved of being sued by a tenant (or his attorney) and being held liable for wrongful eviction, which could include being ordered to pay damages, attorney’s fees and costs. One wrong decision could cost thousands of dollars for the manager and property owner. PMLS services eliminate these risks and provide the opportunity for the property manager and owner to profit from this business.