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Property Management Law Solutions (PMLS) is a Florida law firm that specializes in providing excellent, timely and effective residential eviction and unlawful detainer legal services across the state of Florida. Whether you are a landlord who self-manages your rental properties, are a small to mid-size property management firm, or are a large holder of multi-family assets, PMLS can meet your needs.

Unlike a lot of other law firms, PMLS takes time to review your eviction case prior to filing it, to ensure the legal sufficiency of the complaint and notice that forms the basis of the eviction. PMLS knows that the key to a successful eviction is to start the case off right, while other law firms process eviction cases like a factory without paying close attention to detail and ensuring top qualify services.

PMLS offers special plans for property management and multi-family companies, and if you are a self-managing landlord, PMLS gives you the personal attention that you would expect from being the client of a credible law firm.

Multi-Family Companies

Are you a multi-family property management company?

You need Property Management Law Solutions!

PMLS is a Florida law firm dedicated only to property managers and landlords. You will get specialized and personalized legal services that fit your needs timely and effectively. PMLS services the entire state of Florida.

PMLS offers special eviction services pricing for multi-family management companies. Take advantage of the large number of units you manage to get the best services for the best price from a landlord-tenant law firm. If you become a PMLS client, you will receive not only qualify and timely eviction services at a great price but also pointed and experienced-based legal advice and consultation at no additional charge.

Property Management Companies

PMLS “cut its teeth” on representing property management companies in the Florida Panhandle. To this day, PMLS has clients that signed up for its annual retainer service back in 2007, because PMLS believes in quality with personal touch. PMLS has a special legal service plan for property management companies where you will receive the following services at a low monthly fee.

  • on-call, as-needed legal advice and consultation
  • customized forms, notices, agreements, addenda, etc.
  • full-access to PMLS website with its landlord-tenant resources
  • lease agreement customized to your business model
  • property management agreement customized to your business model
  • eviction services (at a reduced fee)

WIth this service, you will not only receive the expert lgal help you need to be successful in the property management business, but also your property owner clients will receive the benefit of your having this service. Also, since you can pass the cost of this service on to your clients (e.g. $5/month), you will pay net zero for this service. This is a true win-win for you and your client.

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You need your evictions done right because the success of your rental business requires that bad tenants be removed as quickly as possible, to mitigate loss and realize revenue. PMLS understands this more than anyone. Our attorneys are legal experts in residential landlord-tenant law and evictions. We are here to provide you with the very best in eviction services. Not only do you get expert eviction services, but you get an actual attorney to work on your eviction and make sure the case is handled properly. And you get direct access to your attorney.

Unlawful Detainer

If you own a house and have a “squatter”, PMLS can help. Similar to an eviction actions, unlawful detainer actions can be prosecuted to remove a “squatter” from the property. The law requires that the squatter not have any agreement to pay rent or provide services in exchange for occupancy of the home. PMLS has helped many property owners remove unwanted squatters, whether it is a family member, friend, ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend who just won’t leave or an unwanted occupant who was present when you purchased the property as a real estate investor. PMLS can help.


The landlord-tenant and property management business are highly demanding on a daily basis. Issues and situations arise non-stop. You need a legal expert to be on your side to ensure that you are making legally-sound decisions the best way possible. With PMLS consultations, you can be as proficient as possible in your rental business and avoid costly mistakes. PMLS attorneys can help you navigate you through uncertainty and provide with the advice you need to be confident in your decisions.

Notice and Form Preparation

Preparing landlord-tenant notices and forms correctly is extremely important under Florida law. If you prepare a notice or form incorrectly, it could cost you—a lot. PMLS attorneys are legal experts who can draft your notice the correct way so you know that should you have to file an eviction, the notice will be legally-sufficient. Whether you need a 3 day notice to pay, 7 day notice to cure, or notice to terminate a tenancy, PMLS can draft the notice the correct way and ensure that you are protected from tenants who would take advantage of you or the legal system.

Annual Retainer

It is imperative that your property management company be equipped with the guidance of legal experts in landlord-tenant law and property management operations. PMLS provides residential property management companies and professional landlords with the legal services they need to help ensure the success of their businesses. For a low fee per month, you can have one of Florida’s very best landlord-tenant legal specialists on your “speed-dial” so you can get the answers you need when you need them.  

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