Are you a Landlord?

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Property owners must protect their property investment. It is too risky not to use a property management law attorney to get legal advice and to handle legal matters for the property owner. One bad tenant or bad situation can cause the property owner to lose his income or profits from his rental property. PMLS resolves this problem for property owners who manage their own rental properties.

PMLS offers landlord-tenant services for property owners at a very reasonable fee, including the following:

  • preparation of a lease specific to the landlord’s needs
  • creation of a system of operation that eases the burdens on the landlord
  • consult landlord on how to resolve tenant disputes and conflicts
  • intervene on landlord’s behalf when tenant raises objections or conflicts with landlord
  • file eviction actions to ensure the law is followed and the process is completed quickly
  • mitigate any potential losses landlord may suffer from a tenant who may take advantage of a landlord who tries to handle legal matters himself

If you are a property owner of a rental home and manage the property yourself, use PMLS for your landlord-tenant needs. Your property investment is too important not to.