Leases are one of two most important documents a property manager will use in his or her business. Unless the property manager is an attorney, Florida law prohibits property managers from creating, amending and executing leases on behalf of the property owners or with the tenants. The only residential lease a property manager can use that is not created and executed by an attorney is what is known as the FAR/BAR lease, which is a very basic lease approved by the Florida Supreme Court. As you can see, it does not protect property managers sufficiently. Moreover, it does not create systems by which the property manager can run the business the way he wants and can create profit from managing that property. PMLS fixes these problems with its legal services and document license plans.

A part of PMLS’ service is to work closely with its property manager clients to prepare the lease that works for their business and to create systems and profits within the lease. PMLS amends the lease too when necessary and prepares all addenda that go with that particular property. Additionally, PMLS’ attorneys execute each lease on behalf of the property owner so the property manager can avoid practicing law without a license and with the assurance that PMLS is going to prosecute and enforce the lease when it is being violated.