Conflict Resolution

Property managers need to manage many properties to create a profitable business. But with more properties comes potential for more problems and conflict. Inevitably, managers will face conflicts every week, either from the tenant, neighbors, or property owners. These conflicts always raise legal issues, which property managers are not state-licensed or skilled to resolve. Unfortunately, many property managers do not have a close enough or ongoing relationship with a knowledgable landlord-tenant attorney because its too expensive, and they do not want to be charged for legal fees every time they need or want an attorney’s advice, so they try resolving problems and conflicts without getting an experienced landlord-tenant attorney involved. This is dangerous and an unwise way to manage a business and other peoples’ properties.

PMLS resolves these problems with its legal service plans, which include ongoing and as-needed conflict resolution. Whether it is sending a letter to a tenant or property owner, providing the property manager with his options given the circumstances, or communicating with a tenant’s attorney on a given issue, PMLS reduces the property manager’s risks, increases the likelihood of operating a successful and profitable property management business, protects the property owners from liability and makes for satisfied property owners.