Property managers face situations every day where legal advice is needed. Without getting proper, knowledgable legal advice, property managers, many times, guess at what is the right decision or make wrong decisions about how the law is applied to the facts. This creates much risk, not only for the manager, but also for the property owners. Both the manager and property owner can be brought into a lawsuit where the manager makes the wrong legal decision. Unfortunately, property managers do not consult with a landlord-tenant attorney because it can be costly. They figure that they might as well “wing it” and save their company or the property owners money.

PMLS fixes all of these problems with its legal services plans, which include ongoing, as-needed legal advice from PMLS landlord-tenant attorneys, who work closely with the clients to ensure they are making sound legal decisions. Not only do PMLS attorneys give legal advice as needed, but when legal research and opinions need to be given in memo form to various parties, they will do so to prevent conflict and resolve problems early. This service serves to prevent problems from building, keeps tenants from getting angry and protects managers from making bad legal decisions. In the end, the property managers and owners make more money as a result.