Security Deposit Disputes

geralt / Pixabay

PMLS provides legal services that include handling security deposit disputes, even before a lawsuit is filed–if it reaches that point. If you are not a Client under one of PMLS’ monthly legal service plans that include this service, PMLS will provide this service to you at a low, fixed fee per security deposit response. This will allow you to resolve and conclude disputes efficiently and timely.

Property managers deal with security deposit claims and objections every week. It is a major part of their job, and tenants and property owners are very aware that the security deposit is an important aspect of the landlord-tenant relationship. Many times, tenants become angry or upset if they believe the property manager has not made a lawful claim on the deposit. This alone can cause problems for the property manager, even if the property manager is correct in his claim. And there are times when the property manager faces conflicts with the property owners or is not making a sound legal decision by claiming the deposit. Property managers need an attorney on their side to ensure they are following the law, gathering evidence properly, documenting damages and making the proper claims.