The Need for a Landlord Attorney

Here’s what attorney Gary Stephen Gaffney says about the landlord’s need of having an attorney actively engaged in his or her rental business:

A lawyer is an operational expense these days if you are going to play landlord; more so than the plumber or A/C guy.

Mr. Gaffney is exactly right! (FN1) Property managers cannot afford to manage properties without competent ongoing and engaging legal assistance from a qualified landlord attorney. Sadly, so many landlords try to go at this business alone.

Property Management Law Solutions (PMLS) was created so that landlords and property managers could have a landlord attorney actively involved in their management practice, as needed, without the high costs of legal fees—a true “no brainer” service.

Listen to other property managers express their satisfaction with PMLS. You too can benefit from PMLS.

Take Mr. Gaffney’s advice and get your landlord attorney involved in your rental business. Contact PMLS today about how you can become their client.

Gary Stephen Gaffney’s experience includes:

* 30 Years experience practicing real estate law in Florida and New Jersey (since 1988); 21 Years a Florida Board Certified Real Estate Lawyer (since 1997); 33 Years a Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker (since 1985); Member of the Florida Real Property Law Certification Committee 2006-08; over 30 years experience in all kinds of complex real estate and contract law issues; originally admitted in 1988 both in Florida and New Jersey, and numerous Federal Courts

* University Professor (Law and Ethics) for over 17 years (Florida Atlantic University – School of Accounting; and at Nova Southeastern University College of Arts and Sciences), with Exemplary Student Evaluations in the more than 100 Course Sections taught during that time (thousands of students); in 2012, Ranked #14 on the List of “Best College Professors in the United States” published by

* Editor-in-Chief of the Nova Southeastern University Law Review (1988); Chair of the Editorial Board of the Florida Bar Journal and News (2002); Appellate Case Editor for the Miami, Broward and Palm Beach Reviews (1987-89)

* Well-published author of numerous legal articles, covering a wide range of legal topics (with a primary focus on issues related to real estate law)

* Author and/or Editor of hundreds of legal Memoranda and Appellate Briefs (submitted to all Five Florida DCAs, the Florida Supreme Court, all of Florida’s U.S District Courts, and 11th Circuit Court of Appeals

* Not one client complaint (of any kind) in 30 years of practicing law – thousands of cases and clients

* Acknowledged Florida Expert and consultant for complex real estate and contract issues, including those at transactional, trial, and/or appellate levels.

* Experienced in all judicial and quasi-judicial forums, from County to Supreme Court, municipal hearings, and ADR – via mediation, arbitration and other non-traditional venues.

* Substantial experience in all sorts of civil appeals, in all five of Florida’s District Courts of Appeal, the Florida Supreme Court, and the Federal 11th Circuit Court of Appeals; with more than 40 cases resulting in published appellate opinions on Florida law.

FN1. Mr. Gaffney has not expressly endorsed PMLS by use of his quote.